Good! You found this page! Now you can get some information about me, your guide for this upcoming school year!

Many of you already know who I am. Either you've seen me around school, or your older brother/sister/cousin/neighbor had me in class. Maybe you've heard I'm nice/mean, easy/hard, or any of those other things students say about teachers. Truth is, I'm probably all those things at different times to different people. I work hard to be the best teacher... and the best person I can be every day! My advice - get to know me yourself. I think you will find me to a good teacher and someone you can trust. The best gift I've ever gotten was a great big bear-hug from a student I had years and years ago. He was probably about 23 years-old when I saw him at the Giant. He picked me up, and gave me a squeeze, and told me he still thought of me as one of his best teachers ever!

At school, I see my role as facilitator. I want to make it easy for you to teach yourself and your classmates. I'll set up the environment, then get out of your way! I think people learn best by doing... so I try to make that happen every day in our room. I think the technology resources our school district provides are top-notch and I like to use it as much as we can for our work. I also strongly believe that collaboration is essential to learning. We learn best when we work together (Synergy!)

At home, I am a mom to a lot of kiddos! Some are adults now and don't live at home anymore, some are away at college, one is in high school, and the youngest, Owen, is a 5th grader. All except one are boys... so I'm used to you guys! Anna, the only girl, is such a smart cookie... so I know about you girls too!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking up favorite family meals and baking (pies are my specialty). I LOVE reading, especially non-fiction and stories about people's lives. I play guitar but not well or often enough. I like hiking in the woods, walking my dogs, and spending time in my yard puttering around with flowers and vegetables.

Here are some photos of my family!

Wow! When we go on vacation, we have to take 2 cars! That's us... my husband Keith and I and our 6 kids!
2013-06-28 10.24.54.jpg

We are all Pittsburg Pirates fans, but only some of us made it to the game.


Here are our latest family members. Timber and Willow are our Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are a year and a half old now, but these photos were from when they were only six months old. They are so much fun!